How to become a Commercial Diver

commercial_diver_trainingSo you want to be a Commercial Diver – how do you go about it? First things first, you need to determine in which field you want to go. As previously mentioned, you have the option of branching out into many industries. Once decided, training is imperative to ensure you can apply for entry level roles and gain your experience in order to progress further into the field. Undertaking diver training is important to ensure your knowledge is deep enough to commence working in the field. Finding the right course for you is important to make sure your qualifications take you to where you want to go. Training to be a Commercial Diver is the first step to a career in diving, but you need to ensure the registered training organisation you go through is accredited and reputable. Once you’ve found a diving course and an instructor you gel with, commencing a training plan brings you one step closer to your goal of becoming a Commercial Diver. The basic requirements to ensure you meet the prerequisites for training includes high school completion, passion for the industry, a basic ability to swim and passing a medical to ensure you are fit enough to train. Age also plays an important role in becoming a diver. Generally, divers over the age of 45 are restricted from deep water diving for medical reasons. Many companies prefer to high younger graduates, commonly aged between 18 to 35. Once qualified, the diver will hold an official diving qualification, ready to present to potential employers for prospective job opportunities.